Why Choose Jeff Lilly Restorations?

Answers To Questions You Didn't Even Know You Were Supposed To Ask!
As seen in our “Shop Tour” we perform all of the procedures “In House” needed to build a world class project. We do not sub contract out large portions of work to complete our projects as the quality would suffer and the cost would escalate.

A few questions to ask when choosing a facility to build your project are the following: How long has the company been in business? Have they been in business long enough to have placed the right people in all the areas listed below? Have they had the years it takes to refine each step of a build? Do they have adequate shop space to house all the tools and projects in different areas to separate each phase of the build, as this is vital if you want first class work

When you are serious about having a car built, investigate the potential company on some of the following areas and ask them, do you perform the following repairs in house?

  1. Mechanical rebuilding and detailing of all parts.
  2. Body replacement, rust repair, panel fabrication, alignment and panel gap perfecting.
  3. Block sanding and painting of all body panels and parts including color sanding and polishing.
  4. Upholstery design and fabrication from scratch, including custom and original seats, dashes, door panels, carpet, convertible tops, headliners etc.
  5. Wood fabrication, from complete bodies to parts. Structural and cosmetic wood work on exterior and interior parts including side panels for Woodie’s.
  6. Base metal repairs with straightening, copper work, block sanding, and fitting of all the "pot metal trim" or "diecast" trim to the painted surfaces including steel bumpers gapped to the body before the nickel and chrome is applied to any parts.
  7. Custom parts fabricated from scratch for Street Rods and original cars.
  8. How long has each specialist been in the industry? As with any professional team you have to work with each other for years in order to gel and understand your position to achieve the highest level possible.

At Jeff Lilly Restoration we perform all of the above to the highest level. If your project deserves this treatment please call us to discuss the details. 210-695-5151

The Difference

As you look through our website you will see a very organized facility with quality techniques rarely seen. Most of our customers will keep their special ride the remainder of their life and then pass it on to a family member that will also enjoy it. When you build with this criteria you build for the long haul and no tiny detail gets left undone. Our team of builders are " Masters " in the trade, no beginners here! When you choose us you are getting a professional, well thought out 60 minutes for every hour you pay for.

Our facility speaks for itself with Individual shops for each phase including Body/Fabrication, Block Sanding, Media Blast, Mechanical, Undercoat / Paint Strip, Upholstery, Wood, Paint / Polish and Final Assembly Shops. Each shop contains the proper tools and talent of each member to keep the process running smoothly. Our indoor blasting shop enables us to media blast entire bodies and frames including large parts 365 days a year rain or shine, Heated Dip tanks for grease and rust removal provide maximum efficiency during the initial clean up phase.

Most important, “We keep our Word” to our Customers as we document and provide each step of the process with photos, written logs and addendums on any custom changes to prove our integrity. We make no profit on any parts, we simply pass on any discounts to you.

Our finished product is something to behold as we build to satisfy the most critical eye with longevity just as important. See Below

If you have any questions to help you decide where to have your project built please call us at 210-695-5151 and we will be glad to answer them. Finished Cars and Trucks including our techniques have been published many times in all the major magazines and publications. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to building your dream!

Sincerely Jeff Lilly

1.When comparing workmanship to make your decisions, panel to panel gap and fit is extremely important. As seen here our standard 3/16ths gaps with even panels is the goal. Do not settle for anything less on your life time dream.

2. All of the lines should be matched and running true front to back as seen. Nothing irregular or uneven should be seen.

3. When viewing paint work fluorescent lighting should appear with a straight line in the reflection of the paint. On the very outside of the light tube there should be no ripple! As seen our reflections are right on!

4. These oak trees " red arrow " are 80 ft away from this trunk panel. Getting a realistic reflection in light / white colors with this type of detail and distance is another gauge to see true refinishing at its highest level!

5. Another light color shows tree branch reflections to the highest degree on this 50 Ford!

6. When all is said and done you want a ripple free surface with panel to panel fit dead on like the side of this Corvair Custom Rod. Looking good!

7. As seen at the "black arrow" all chrome trim should fit with a razor blade gap.

8. Black will show you what you really have as far as straight panels and close up finish. As seen no ripples or hairline scratches. We challenge the most discriminating eye to inspect our finishes. As seen total reflection!

9. This black bird is ready for final assembly and is a mirror.