Beginnings A Blast From The Past!

Here's a few of our favorites to show you what we were doing in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Bill Lilly takes a moment out from working some lead on this 1940 Ford back in 1957.

1940 Ford Coupe Street Rod Finished In 1958!  A custom swirl pattern in black and white Naugahyde was done on the seats to finish it off along with white running boards and white wall tires. THE PERIOD LOOK OR WHAT! This was Bill Lilly's personal ride and was also driven to race tracks and drag raced in late 50's turning 15.00's in the qter. She was setting the standard for quick street machine and show car looks on the East Coast. PA, OH, NY tracks.

Started 34 Ford Project in 1961. Much rust repair and body work was performed and blocked by hand the way we still do it today for show stopping results.
Candy Gold Flake sprayed on the 34 Ford Roadster. We were finishing up polishing and assembly in 1961!

What can we say as this was a fun car to build and beauty beyond belief. The hard top was painted with the same shade.Imaginary port hole windows were done in the lighter shade flake as was the hood scoop.The Mid Year 427 Vett was first sprayed with colored under base then real (Metal Flake) was applied and topped with 45 Coats of  Clear Lacquer by Bill Lilly with Devilbiss MBC30.We sprayed 15 coats at a time then sanded with another 15 each time to reach the 45 then polished and buffed by Jeff Lilly in 1970!

Custom Lace Paint was applied on this brand new 440 RT Charger in 1970! This was a big trend in the late 60s early 70s and lacquer was the paint choice of the period! Pick the lace design you wanted and you had a one of a kind.

The hood was done inside the natural scoops contours. This really set off the hood from the drivers seat view.

Custom Triumph with American Flag gas tank. Candy Colors were custom mixed by Bill Lilly. The blue and red was applied with silver underbase. Note the custom gold pin stripe outlining each flag stripe and blue star section. To finish it off the frame was shot in Candy Red also. Completed in 1970! A real crowd pleaser!

Custom Velvet Top In 1970 applied on this 69 Fairlane wagon! We applied this crushed "Flattop" velvet on many items including Desks, shoes, picture frames and Vehicles.

Candy Red Bike Finished in 1971! Owner had to have it right. Brought it to Bill Lilly to have his cake and eat it too!

These 34 year old photos do not do it justice as the candy was so deep you could take a bite of the candy apple right out of the side of the tank on this beauty.

Custom Blue Velvet Top in 1971 on this big Oldsmobile was the talk of the town. Many colors were available. The 60s and 70s produced a blizzard of custom paints and materials on the market. A unique period of time with so many choices coming out month after month.

A Firebird Street Machine was finished in 1974! Brown Lacquer Metallic. Hand rubbed by Jeff Lilly! It would tempt you to jump in a BROWN LAKE she was so deep!

Finished in 1982! Long And Loaded Caddy! Rusty bucket to say the least turned in to pride and joy for Owner. Many coats of Red Lacquer.

This "Tropical Rose" Crown Victoria was finished in 1985! Nitro-cellulose Lacquer was sweet smelling stuff. It is pretty much obsolete to purchase today but it sure did shine and buff easily. Incredible color to say the least!